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2009 Winter X Games 13 Men’s Superpipe Final

Posted in Uncategorized by The Ruffian on January 27, 2009

Words: Pat Bridges
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At the Winter X Games, ESPN always saves the best for last, which is why Men’s Snowboard Superpipe closes the show each year. This year the 22 foot pipe made its debut in Aspen and the extra four feet of height definitely was noticeable in the finals. On paper the results sheet might look familiar but to see the big show go down firsthand one realizes that the outcome could have easily been very different.

Every rider who made it into the finals could have emerged as the winner. Fourth place went to the journeyman of competitive pipe riding, Elijah Teter. Elijah’s avante garde runs included nuance tricks like the backside seven mctwist and switch alley-oop mctwist. Then there is his switch method on his second hit which was not only double overhead but it was even bigger than some of his contemporaries non switch versions.

Antti Autti has won Winter X Games Gold before and came very close to doing it again this evening. The rider who brought the back to back 1080 combo to competition set those spins down once again as well as a fs 900 nose grab to tail grab corkscrew. Though two spots down from his Aspen best Antti received third place for his efforts.

How the top two spots shook out will surely be debated by armchair shreds for some time to come. Many will say that Kevin Pearce got robbed but if snowboarding can take anything from boxing it is the saying, “You’ve got to knock out the champ,” which Kevin came damn close to doing on his first run of the night. Unfortunately his airs were so much bigger than what he was throwing in practice that he literally ran out of pipe at the bottom and in turn sketched out on the landing of a fs alley-oop. For his second run Pearce threw the biggest air of the evening with a 19 foot fs crail on the first hit and followed it up with a mctwist that was nearly as high. The score Kevin Pearce received put him in first for the time being but it wasn’t strong enough to close the door on his Burton teammate Shaun White.

While Shaun may still be the best competitive snowboarder in the world, his winning every event he enters is becoming less and less of a foregone conclusion. There would be no victory lap in Aspen for Shaun White on this night. For the ten-time Winter X Games gold medalist it literally came down to the last run and he was the last rider to drop. As he has done so many times before when it is do or die, Shaun did it! White threw down another solid run and it was good enough for him to add to his unrivaled medal collection.

Winter X Games 13 Men’s Superpipe Final Results:
1. Shaun White
2. Kevin Pearce
3. Antti Autti
4. Elijah Teter
5. Mason Aguirre
6. Steve Fisher
7. Andy Finch
8. Louie Vito

Watch Shaun White’s Winning Run:


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